In this weeks episode we dive deep inside the mind of the man behind CrossFit Conjugate Black, Laura Sweatt and dozens of other athletes, Conjugate master Shane Sweatt. Ears open savages!‚Äč
Jack Donovan is an author, lecturer and podcaster, and he's never been accused of taking it easy on people. His books "The Way of Men" and "Becoming A Barbarian" are must reads for any man struggling with his place in society in 2017. On today's episode, I will read you one of his best pieces of work. Enjoy this speech "A Sky Without Eagles"
The best part about the Refined Savage Podcast is getting to meet the amazing people who inhabit our planet. In this episode, you'll meet Dr. Mark Sherry , a professor of Sociology at the University of Toledo and a warrior in the fight to defend the rights of the disabled.
Aztecs, Conquistadors, hurricanes, pirates, curses and ghost galleons, and that's just the beginning of the story. This story will blow your mind.
"The Old Men and the discus by Kenny Moore. Imagine if you will a time when the best discus throwers that ever walked the earth, all lived within 20 miles of each other. Training in the same gyms, throwing in the same rings and eating at the same Denny's. Welcome to San Jose California in the early 1980's"
Fantastic insightful interview with Pawel and Alina Wencel of the "Uncharted Performance " podcast. This interview was an eye opener, so interesting! I enjoyed this conversation immensely.

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