James Spurgin is a Marine and is currently preparing for the World’s Strongest Disabled Man Competition.
Matt Hand and Megan McKee are professional Highland games athletes. Megan placed second at the 2017 Women’s World Championships.
Sara Dyson is a military contractor and Fitness coach/athlete
Mike Bartos is a Strength coach, Gym owner and owner of Mike Bartos Power.
Michelle Leighty is a North American Wildlife expert working for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

About Us

We are athletes. We have been through the paces and have studied our craft. We know what it takes to be a Division 1 collegiate athlete. We know what it takes to be a Pro.

We want to build a strong, healthy community. We want to help our athletes achieve goals they never dreamed possible. We want moms and dads living long healthy lives. We want you feeling the best you have in years.

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