In this episode, we interview legendary powerlifter, Matt Wenning. Matt’s Accomplishments? 2011 World Record Holder at 308lbs Former all time World Record Holder with 2665 lb total World record Raw Squat (no wraps) – 832 lbs World record Equipped Squat – 1197 lbs 2010 APF National Champion 2009 IPA National Champion UPA National Record Holder
In this episode of The Refined Savage, Tom goes on hiatus and Mark answers your questions about weight training and all things savage.
Your excuse is invalid. Get your head right and do what it takes to get better.
Talking Operation Iraqi Freedom , The Battle of Falujha and all things manly.
Are your broken? Do you want to get healthy? Talk to the best minds in the business . Find out what it takes to stay healthy in the world of strength and conditioning.
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