#254 – Steve Pulcinella
Steve Pulcinella is a sad sack gym owner from Philadelphia, PA.
#251 – Miranda Alcaraz
Miranda Alcaraz is a fitness coach who has been working in fitness over half her life. She is now committed to helping real people achieve their goals.
#249 – Internet Questions – Refined Savage Podcast
Mark Valenti, host of the podcast, sits down and answer questions from the inter webs.
#244 – Stew Smith
Stew Smith is a CSCS and tactical fitness writer and coach.
#237 – Malcolm and Abby Majesky
Malcolm and Abby Majesky are coaches at Ashland University in OH.  Malcolm is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and his wife Abby, is the jumps/multi Coach for the Track and Field team.
#232 – Questions from the Internet
Mark Valenti, host of the Refined Savage Podcast, sits down and answers questions from the internet.
#231 – Brandon Lilly
Brandon Lilly is a former powerlifter and defender of common sense.
#229 – Dr. Shawn Baker
Dr. Shawn Baker is the establisher of the “Carnivore Diet” and author of the best selling book “The Carnivore Diet”.
#224 – Kibwe Johnson
Kibwe Johnson is 2x Olympic Hammer Thrower, Philosopher, and host of the “Fortius Podcast”.
#219 – Bill Boyer
“Dolla” BIll Boyer is a gentleman, adventurer, and a long time friend of the show.
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