#213 – Mary Jo Moluse
Mary Jo Moluse is an English Literature teacher from Ohio.
#211 – Tony Syrowski
Tony Syrowski has been serving the public and the USA since 1972, both as a member of the 82nd Airborne, and police officer in Alexandria, VA and Lorain County Ohio.
#207 – Malcolm and Abby Majesky
Malcolm and Abby Majesky are coaches at Ashland University in OH.  Malcolm is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach and his wife Abby, is the jumps/multi Coach for the Track and Field team.
#204 – Jeff Sobol
Jeff Sobol is the Head Football Sports Performance Coach at Kent State University in OH.
#192 – Nick Haught
Nick Haught is the owner of Devoted Strength in Ohio. 
#190 – Shawn Schumaker
Shawn Schumaker is the owner of Team BSS in Youngstown, Ohio.
#185 – Dr. Cory Lamar
Dr. Cory Lamar is a chiropractor in Rocky River, Ohio.
#177 – Jim Wendler
Jim Wendler is a former powerlifter,  the creator of 5 – 3 – 1 and the head Strength and Conditioning coach for the London Red Raiders Football team, in London, OH.
#175 – Dustin Myers
Dustin Myers is a strength and conditioning coach and owner of Old School Gym in Ohio.
#170 – Mark Jones
Mark Jones is a high level strongman competitor and social worker in Youngstown, Ohio.
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