#230 – Ashley Gass
Ashley Gass is a Strength and Conditioning coach and co-owner of MOVE, from Clearwater, FL.
#229 – Dr. Shawn Baker
Dr. Shawn Baker is the establisher of the “Carnivore Diet” and author of the best selling book “The Carnivore Diet”.
#228 – Derek Woodske
Derek Woodske is free American living in the communist state of California.
#227 – Quincy Perkins
Quincy Perkins is a documentary film maker from Key West, FL.
#226 – Jim Wendler
Jim Wendler is a mythological wild man, reported to live somewhere in Ohio. He’s been spotted playing his guitar and doing military presses in his garage from time to time. These reports are unconfirmed.
#225 – Jim Pauli
Jim Pauli was an Olympic Weightlifter, Track and Field athlete and Professional Highland games athlete.
#224 – Kibwe Johnson
Kibwe Johnson is 2x Olympic Hammer Thrower, Philosopher, and host of the “Fortius Podcast”.
#223 – Thomas Kingwell
Thomas Kingwell is the host of the “Dad Strong Podcast”.
#222 – Joe Kenn
Joe Kenn is a world renowned Strength and Conditioning Coach, formerly with the Carolina Panthers.
#221 – Dr. Don Bisesi
Dr. Don Bisesi is a chiropractor, Olympic weightlifter and Godzilla fanatic.
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