#206  – James Spurgin
James Spurgin is a United States Marine Core Veteran and a disabled athlete that competes in Strongman, Powerlifting and Highland games.
#197- Shawn Schumaker and Shane Rickman
Shawn Schumaker and Shane Rickman are masters strongman athletes and gym owners.
#191 – Bill Boyer
Gentleman Bill Boyer is an athlete and adventurer.
#190 – Shawn Schumaker
Shawn Schumaker is the owner of Team BSS in Youngstown, Ohio.
#170 – Mark Jones
Mark Jones is a high level strongman competitor and social worker in Youngstown, Ohio.
#167 – Pete Bremner
Pete Bremner is a strongman athlete from the UK, currently training at Westside Barbell.
#164 – Anthony Diehl
Anthony Diehl is a pro-strongman, and strength and nutrition coach from Kentucky.
#162 – Billie Burcume
Billie Burcume is a pro women’s strongman competitor.
#140 – Matt Daciw
Matt Daciw is the Owner of Titan Training, Co-owner of The Wreckroom, and Blue Star Nutraceuticals Athlete. 
#137 – Shane Rickman
Shane Rickman is a high level Masters Strongman, Owner of Apollo Strength and Strength Depot located near Detroit, MI.
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