#174 – Fat Alex and Zac Papay
Fat Alex is a undergraduate Exercise Science student at Kent State University and long time member of Blind Dog Gym.  Zac Papay is a coach at Blind Dog Gym and Mark Valenti’s best friend.
#172 – Jance Footit
Jance Footit is a strength coach and owner of 5 Rings Barbell in Braselton, Georgia.
#160 – Sean Donnelly
Sean Donnelly is one of America’s premier Olympic Hammer throwers.
#154 – Erin Vandendriessche
Erin Vandendriessche is a functional fitness athlete, Games Competitor and gym owner from Ohio.
#149 – Dan Inglis
Dan Inglis is a strength coach in Columbus, Ohio.
#144 – Dante Leon
Dante Leon is a multiple World Champion Jiu-Jitsu fighter at lower belts. Pan - Am Champion and Kasai World Champion.
#140 – Matt Daciw
Matt Daciw is the Owner of Titan Training, Co-owner of The Wreckroom, and Blue Star Nutraceuticals Athlete. 
#139 – Isaac Drost
Isaac Drost is a retired US Marine Corp Force Recon Sniper and Purple Heart recipient.
#137 – Shane Rickman
Shane Rickman is a high level Masters Strongman, Owner of Apollo Strength and Strength Depot located near Detroit, MI.
#131 – Brooke Sousa
Brooke Sousa is the Strongest Woman in the World 2018, Strongman competitor, and Certified Personal Trainer.
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