#219 – Bill Boyer
“Dolla” BIll Boyer is a gentleman, adventurer, and a long time friend of the show.
#218 – Jack Donovan
Jack Donovan is a guest speaker and is the author of The Way of Men, Becoming a Barbarian and A More Complete Beast, along with many more titles. He is also host of the Start the World Podcast.
#216 – Mimi Mahon
Mimi Mahon is a high level strength and conditioning coach from Cincinnati, OH.
#215 – Steve Pulcinella
Steve Pulcinella is the owner of Iron Sport Gym, in Philadelphia, PA.
#214 – The Great Khan
Mark Valenti, host of the Refined Savage Podcast, answers viewers questions.
#213 – Mary Jo Moluse
Mary Jo Moluse is an English Literature teacher from Ohio.
#212- Zac Papay
Mark sits down with his right hand man Zac Papay and discusses everything that is going on in the world in 2020; Sports, COVID-19, Politics, Music and more.
#211 – Tony Syrowski
Tony Syrowski has been serving the public and the USA since 1972, both as a member of the 82nd Airborne, and police officer in Alexandria, VA and Lorain County Ohio.
#209 – Zac Papay
Zac Papay and I sit down and talk about what little politics we know.
#208 – Dr. Cory Lamar
Cory Lamar is a Doctor of Chiropractic medicine for HealthSource of Rocky River.  Lamar is also a former Track and Field athlete for Ashland University and National Champion. 
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